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The ArtZine is an online art fanzine with articles, interviews and gallery. e post gallery and interviews with artists from around the world, don’t metter if famous or not, it’s only ‘bout art.


poisoner cover the artzine


Hi Poisoner, how do you approach to the work? Like an adventure, a ...




Untitled - F Rodrigo Franzao The ArtZine cover

Rodrigo Franzao

Rodrigo Franzao, how do you approach to the job? First, I choose to ...

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” said Pablo Picasso, and since 2010 The ArtZine try every day to bring art into our lives, because we believe it is the art that elevates and ennobles us  Art is not only understood as a classical art, but also through new disciplines such as computer graphics, the dolls, the street art. Art is everywhere, and The ArtZine always try to find something interesting to offer .

Over time The ArtZine have interviewed artists like Van Arno, Chet Zar, Aaron Coberly, Dale Keogh, Emila Sirakova, Don Martiny, Roberto Ferri, Ray Caesar, Andreas Englund, Shin-Young An, Christian Zucconi, Kevin Titzer, David Begbie, Colin Christian and many others , they were famous or unknown . Because art is not a question of numbers , but of emotions .

Each artist speaks or answers questions, and they are published without censorship or cuts, exactly as they were given. The ArtZine always try every day to find what’s curious and interesting in the world about art. If you have suggestions, directions, editorial proposals or cooperation, if you’re an artist and you want to be in these pages or want to report an event or a curiosity, go to the contact section, and please write us.

The ArtZine


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